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Why Challenge the User?

Why Make it More Difficult?

We talk a lot about user interface design as it relates to the web, but what about offline? I don’t understand why all publishers don’t do this.  Isn’t the goal to engage your audience as quickly and easily as possible?


Why Do So Many MISS the Basics?

I was at a stop light this afternoon behind this small business owner.  It was a home service business with obviously some effort put into marketing by the indication of a tag line below their logo and name:

Clean, Polite, Professional.

Ok, sounds good, not Madison Ave., but clear about what their fundamentals are.  But in the context of the image below, it kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?  They’re almost better off without saying anything!  It is so basic as to be easily overlooked, but it is often those details that distinguish the good from everyone else. . .and good isn’t that hard to achieve.

note: picture quality doesn’t do it justice (camera phone).

Good Effort, Horrible Execution
Good Effort, Horrible Execution

Using Gmail with Your Domain (

Some are unaware that if you have your own domain you can use that domain on gmail, for free (don’t you just love Google).  So for example if you have you can use a gmail account like this  It’s a neat little way to further your business or even personal brand without paying for or using a sub-par email service.  First you have to set up your domain with google apps here:, then follow the instructions.  Below is a quick video overview:


Just finished Seth Godin’s newest release, Tribes.  Seth offers some great insight about how to lead a tribe.  No sugarcoating, it’s never been easier, but it is very difficult.  You can’t fake the passion.  The concepts that Godin presents tie well with some of my recent research on the knowledge land grab.  Never before has it been so easy to acquire knowledge or lead a tribe.  That means there are a lot of people that TRY, but it takes commitment and passion to succeed at either.  The foundation hasn’t changed -heretics understand- just the tools.

Bottom Line:  An energizing read and leaves the mind stimulated.  Thanks Seth.

For Our Freedom

Regardless of your political views on the war, this is worth a read to appreciate what our troops do to protect this great nation of ours.  Again, if you’re looking for heroes look no further than the men and women of the military that are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice in defending our country.  Not just in this war, but in conflicts gone by.  Thank a soldier next time you get a chance.

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor

One More Grain

In trying to create our new commerce community, keeping up with our son and occasionally getting away from staring at a 16 by 9 window all the time I wanted an outlet.  This is a place to share thoughts, finds and even be bold enough to anticipate discussion and opinion.  As blogs go it might go somewhere, nowhere or that dreaded place in between.

So here’s a list of of things that it could entail (comments welcome):

  • random thoughts
  • cool finds
  • what ifs
  • personal. . .?
  • [intentionally left blank]