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Be Prepared for Consequences

First, I originally found this image posted on Chris Kaufman’s blog – “What’s the Diff” – So want to give credit where it was due.

Would love to be a fly on the wall at the meeting with Audi and their agency:

Meeting 1:

“Great idea, we need to clean BMW’s clock!”  “Genius”
Meeting 2:

“What the f@#$$, were you guys thinking!!!”  “We look like complete idiots!”


Your Theme Song

Do you ever think about a theme song for your life? Maybe it changes from time to time, but life should be lived with some background music. . . what’s yours?

Add it to the comments below and a link if you have it.

Right now I’m moving along to “You’re So Cool” by Hans Zimmer:

You’re So Cool

We THINK We Have Common Sense

This came across my inbox the other day.  Not only is it good for laugh, but it made me wonder:  How many times a day across the world does stuff like this happen?

Never underestimate the power of Common Sense as a good mental foundation.

These contractors are installing the steel pillars in concrete to stop vehicles from parking on the pavement outside a Sports Bar downtown. They are now in the process of cleaning up at the end of the day and anxious to go home.

How long do you think it will be before they realize where they parked?