Hight time to start putting my thoughts and opinions down in cyberspace.

I’ve become passionate about exploring the new opportunities that technology presents to people and business.  Some of the most world changing social and professional paradigms are being created right now!  Things like:

1) Does the rule of 6 degrees of separation still hold water or is it 3 or 2?

2) There is an unprecedented opportunity for every average Joe and Jane to acquire a vast amount of knowledge.  Knowledge that was previously locked away in the minds and folders of the select few.  Now could be the greatest knowledge land grab in the history of society. . .or maybe not.

3) And what about the design of the NEW organization?  Are titles and positions inhibitors to breakthrough strategy and products?  Are the truly innovative organizations going to be looser associations of brilliant minds tackling challenges through the new social graph?

These are some of the thoughts that I think are fascinating and welcome the opinions and viewpoints of anyone that wants to share.

Here are links to what I’m working on and my professional profile:


The internet's premier match-making service for getting stuff done.

Brian's Profile on LinkedIn

Brian's Profile

My Local Social Project

For and About Sarasota, FL

For and About Sarasota, FL


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