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Be Prepared for Consequences

First, I originally found this image posted on Chris Kaufman’s blog – “What’s the Diff” – So want to give credit where it was due.

Would love to be a fly on the wall at the meeting with Audi and their agency:

Meeting 1:

“Great idea, we need to clean BMW’s clock!”  “Genius”
Meeting 2:

“What the f@#$$, were you guys thinking!!!”  “We look like complete idiots!”


I’m an Expert of Experts

Why does everyone insist on being an “expert of ____” or a “guru”?

Funny some of the world’s greatest experts like Ghandi and others always considered themselve lifelong students.

-Students are often the best teachers and you might never know it if you don’t pay attention.

Which one are you?

Are You Building an Enduring Culture?

Dan Rooney - Owner- Pittsburgh SteelersFor those that don’t recognize him, Dan Rooney is the iconic owner of the recent Super Bowl XLIII champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

He’s not a blogger, a web 2.0 strategist or CEO of an automobile manufacturer.  What he is the very definition of a winning culture – sports or otherwise.

Yes, sports analogies in business can wear a little thin, but there is no denying the success of a culture and process that has produced the most successful franchise in NFL history*.  Dan Rooney and the Steelers prove that some of the most valuable assets to any organization sustain through employee turnover, changes in the competitive landscape and market forces.

Unfortunately, Mr. Rooney probably won’t write a book on the secrets of his success, but we should all take some pages of Steeler history and learn about what it takes to build successful organization that defines excellence in a market.

*Full Disclosure:  I’m a huge Steeler fan.

Why Challenge the User?

Why Make it More Difficult?

We talk a lot about user interface design as it relates to the web, but what about offline? I don’t understand why all publishers don’t do this.  Isn’t the goal to engage your audience as quickly and easily as possible?

For Our Freedom

Regardless of your political views on the war, this is worth a read to appreciate what our troops do to protect this great nation of ours.  Again, if you’re looking for heroes look no further than the men and women of the military that are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice in defending our country.  Not just in this war, but in conflicts gone by.  Thank a soldier next time you get a chance.

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor