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What Can We Learn From Them?

Trilogy of Power

Reach beyond your political views, (full disclosure: I voted for the other guy) for a second, and realize what we’re looking at.  At the risk of sounding a bit like a cliche, this trilogy of power embodies what is so invigorating about this country.  These are without question the 3 most powerful people in politics, media and sport.  Coincidentally, probably the 3 most discussed subjects by Americans at large.  Not only have we reached a milestone in White House, but a historic milestone as a nation.  But, the greater testimony is that the true admiration is derived from the feats they have accomplished and the track records they have established.

There are personal and business lessons in here somewhere. . .

1.  They are ultimate brands unto themselves.

2.  They have fiercely loyal tribes

3.  They have sustained success and relevancy (with the exception of Obama who will or won’t prove this out)

What can we learn as small business owners, as job-seekers (there’s more than a few in this economy), as bloggers, as individuals, from these three to increase our odds?  Much of it goes back to the basics:

1.  Tireless work ethic. To use a football analogy:  The product that you see on the field is the direct result from the effort put in at practice.  Have you given your best effort in preparing for that next customer meeting, job interview or blog post?  Have you cut corners or dogged the last paragraph?  How slippery is that slope?

2.  Crystallizing the message: Follow some great PR insight from Scott Hepburn here and Lisa Hoffman here because PR is all about the message when you get it right.

You might ask what is Tiger’s message, he’s just a golfer.  His message is very clear; I will outwork, outhink and outplay anybody to become the greatest golfer of all time, no excuses.  Oprah’s; follow me and I will help you to a richer life.

3.  Empowering the tribe: Oprah is arguably the best person in the world at this.  When she promotes a book, not only does it have an instantaneous appearance on the best seller list, it also contains a message that resonates with the tribe.  Her followers become passionate and they connect with one another.  She just gave them the channel.  As a business owner think about the channels you can use to connect your customers with each other around your business and brand.  It is now easier than ever, establish a social network, blog or other form that opens the channels for customers, associates, etc. to connect with one another.

Extract your own message from these icons, but I challenge anyone who cannot learn something from them, whether it be professional or personal.

The images above reinforce that the American spirit of determination is alive and well, in spite of these economic times and headlines chiding all the ones taking the shortcuts.  Sometimes it is very tempting to try and skip the basics and fundamentals.  The formulas haven’t changed, only the context and methods of delivery.