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Twitter Tips From a Newbie’s Perspective

Fresh perspectives are sometimes just that.  Before I can no longer see the forest from the trees or the Twitter bird – what is he/she called anyways – thought it would be good to share my thoughts.  Lest the next newbie drown in the Twitter quicksand.

1.  Realize it is not just a “I’m heading to the bar” mass IM’ing.  It is MUCH more valuable.

2.  Throw trepidation to the wind and jump in.  The best way to learn is trial and error.

3.  FOLLOW Twitterers from all walks of life.  There are many, many intelligent, funny, bright, interesting folks hanging around. . .you have the opportunity to learn from all them and expand your horizons.

4.  SHARE.  Twittering is about supporting the community and that means spreading the thoughts, comments and opinions that you find intelligent, funny, bright, interesting.  It is the ol’ pay it forward model.  You’ll reap what you sow.

5.  RESPECT the feed.  Don’t “spam” the feed or you’ll ignored and your credibility will be lost before you begin.  Twitterers as a whole are a very accepting and accomodating bunch, don’t be the one to ruin it, :-)!

So those are my initial opinions.  If you completely disagree or have some to add, please comment.  If you have no idea what Twitter is here’s the link:  twitter

And here’s the Wikipedia definition: Twitter Wikipedia

Here’s some great links on Twitter etiquette and the power of Twitter:

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