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Have You Made Your Business Resolutions?


Most of us can just photocopy our personal resolution list from last year.

  • Get in better shape
  • Stop and smell the roses
  • Take up a hobby
  • Stick to the diet
  • . . .

But have you ever made a business resolution list?  Maybe there are a few of you running small businesses that absolutely hit it out of the park last year, congratulations, you’re in the minority.

For the rest of us we could use a little time for reflection and even dust off the ol’ business plan.  Remember a business plan is SUPPOSED to function as a dynamic document, evolving to account for the current and future climate of business.  Think of it as your Constitution that has its own Amendments.

What can you improve on as a business owner?

  • Participating in a network group?
  • Researching & adopting the latest technological improvements for your industry?
  • Implementing a customer excellence plan (don’t stop at satisfying customers- reach to exceed expectations)
  • More meaningful and frequent solicitation from employees about ideas
  • Learning how new media and technologies on the web can benefit your growth.  EVERY business can/should participate online because that’s where your customers are.
  • Anything else???

Don’t miss this perfect opportunity over the next couple of weeks to make those resolutions.

Thin your waistline and fatten your bottom line.



Just finished Seth Godin’s newest release, Tribes.  Seth offers some great insight about how to lead a tribe.  No sugarcoating, it’s never been easier, but it is very difficult.  You can’t fake the passion.  The concepts that Godin presents tie well with some of my recent research on the knowledge land grab.  Never before has it been so easy to acquire knowledge or lead a tribe.  That means there are a lot of people that TRY, but it takes commitment and passion to succeed at either.  The foundation hasn’t changed -heretics understand- just the tools.

Bottom Line:  An energizing read and leaves the mind stimulated.  Thanks Seth.